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If you, or someone you care about, are looking to learn more about the social world, social communication, or the social mind, you have come to the right place!

Here at rubycube social, we offer cutting edge, evidence-based treatment for people of all ages with social communication challenges and social cognitive deficits.

What’s the common link? The social world and understanding the social mind! Here, at rubycube social, we work with our clients in a strong therapeutic relationship, to develop their understanding of the social mind and improve their ability to navigate the social world. We see their successes in their schools, their workplaces, and their relationships, and we know we are making a difference in their lives!

Adam’s speech therapy sessions with Jennifer have translated to improved reading comprehension. After one year of working with her, he has gone up one grade level in his reading comprehension level and his general social skills and verbal ability have increased immeasurably! Jennifer is the first speech therapist we have taken Adam (in nearly 12 years of speech therapy) who had given us results like this, and Adam enjoys going to her!
— Bekki, Mother of Adam (age 12)


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