client testimonials

Elena, mother of Nicholas (age 10)

“Most important is for my son to understand social moments, that is hard for him now. Jen is able to explain in a polite, respectful way, which he understands, which is a combination of being highly professional and using her deep expertise in Social Thinking approaches together with her life experience of having a daughter on the spectrum.”

Vladimir, father of Yordan (age 4)

“It’s not only therapeutic and helpful for the children, it’s been so helpful to us as parents….”

Wendy, mother of Lucas (age 9)

“At their very first meeting, my child established an immediate rapport with Jen. Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious and he told me later “I liked her when I first met her.” In their group sessions together, they work on reciprocity, collaboration, and team work, and that has allowed them to bond outside of the sessions as well and to gain skills they can both use independently as they forge new relationships. I firmly believe working with Jen has been one of the best interventions we tried for Lucas and I would highly recommend her for any parent who is concerned about their autistic child’s social understanding and wants to help them build skills the neurotypical take for granted. Jen has such skill, empathy, and insight.”

“Dana”, mother of “PM” (age 4)

“My four year old son has worked with Jen for a year and a half in his private preschool.  He was struggling socially in this structured, group setting and she was hired to help support him and his teachers.  She has been a huge reason for his success, enabling him to stay at this preschool the past two years.  Jen is an amazing social thinker, warm and loving, modeling and teaching the tools that have led to his success.  Her knowledge and support has not only benefitted my preschooler, but also the other children and staff at the preschool.  These are skills that we all can use but that don't always come naturally!”

Madeline Seltman, Director of Engagement at the Levin Jewish Community Center

“Jen is incredibly intuitive, warm, and effective with the kids in our programs.  As a consultant, she has made an enormous impact and many of our participants with autism, ADHD, and other social delays.  She has a great way of tuning in very quickly to what is going on with kids, creating simple and effective tools and interventions, and empowering staff and families to help with implementation.  We have been so grateful to have her on our team!”