Treatment sessions:

60-minute initial intake session - $120.00
60-minute individual treatment session - $110.00
45-minute individual treatment session - $90.00
60-minute group or dyad treatment session - $75.00



Fees include assessment time for evaluation, documentation review and written report (report will be received within 7 business days of the date of the evaluation)

Private Pragmatic Language Evaluation - $720.00
Independent Educational Evaluation - $920.00


Consultation with Caregivers:

15-minute phone conversation - Free of charge
30-minute face to face or phone consultation - $60.00
Consultation meeting with Caregivers - $120.00 per hour
Attendance at IEP meetings or other multi-disciplinary meetings - $110.00 per hour
Travel time to meetings - $50.00 per hour
Professional consultation to other providers - $220.00 per hour


fee for service

ruby cube social operates as a fee-for-service, private pay entity. We gladly accept cash, check or credit card. We will not bill a family’s insurance company directly. Families are responsible for payment for all evaluations and treatment sessions, upon receipt of invoice. We provide families with the documentation necessary to seek direct reimbursement from their insurance carrier for “out of network” coverage.

Here is more information regarding seeking reimbursement from private health plans.