What can I expect from a treatment session with Jen?

What to expect from treatment:
• 60 minute small-group or individual treatment sessions, with parent wrap-up
• Client-centered treatment customized to the client’s and family’s needs
• Creative, play-based and cutting-edge approaches to teaching social communication and language skills

• The expectation that a student will practice what she/he learns in the session
• Group activities that are engaging and thought-provoking
• Ongoing group projects
Regular communication with school providers and other treatment team members
• Communication with parents on specific goals and recommendations

What other questions should you be asking?

Here is a link to an article that gives more information about questions you should be asking your child’s social communication provider.

Why seek treatment for social communication?

Social communication happens everywhere, right? In the workplace, at home with your family, at soccer practice. Understanding the social mind and where you fit in the social landscape is an important life skill that can carry you far beyond school. Our clients use the thinking skills that they learn everywhere they go! Here is more information about how social learning can positively affect your whole life.

What is the difference between social skills training and social communication treatment?

As we see it, “social skills training” teaches social skills in isolated moments. An example of social skills training would be knowing how to greet someone and having the opportunity to greet someone. However, without understanding social communication, a person still might use the isolated skill of greeting a person at the wrong time, in the wrong place or with the wrong person. This is where we believe it’s valuable to our clients to learn the thought process behind the skills, and this is our focus in therapy.