Jennifer Minnelli MS/CCC/SLP

Jen is a Speech Language Pathologist with over 18 years’ experience working across a variety of settings (school, private practice, outpatient clinic, inpatient acute care) in pediatric speech pathology. Jen served in leadership and mentoring roles in her years at Duke hospital in the Division of Speech Pathology and Audiology. She has served as a mentor to other clinicians in the North Carolina early childhood initiative mentoring program.

Over the years of providing services to a wide variety of children with different communication needs, Jen developed an abiding passion and expertise for helping individuals with social cognitive challenges, using the core concepts and teachings of the Social Thinking® methodology. Jen has completed an advanced clinical training in Social Thinking® and is one of a few Social Thinking® providers in North Carolina. In her work with children and adults, Jen provides treatment in the areas of social communication, social attention, perspective taking, emotional regulation, social problem-solving, narrative skills, and parent education. Jen draws her inspiration from a variety of sources, including Social Thinking® (Winner), Mindwing Concepts (Rooney-Moreau), Zones of Regulation (Kuypers), DIR-Floortime (Greenspan), and Collaborative Problem Solving (Greene). In addition to specialized services for individuals with social communication challenges, Jen has many years of experience with providing straightforward speech intelligibility and language services to clients.

Jen has a passion for helping individuals with cognitive communication challenges connect, make friends, and engage in their functional setting or workplace, working in true collaboration with caregivers, treatment teams, and family.

Jen is the parent of 2 children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, which feeds her inspiration to be the change that the world needs, and lends personal experience to the compassion and empathy that she feels for her clients.